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that is the best ddddc i have ever seen.. heh
well hopefully it matters to the other mommas... And I am still hoping it will matter to MDC too.. *hoping* but i suspect this will be closed anyway.
This is x posted http://www.mothering.com/discussions...=1#post6165197 While I realie I get little say in the new google ads- and I do want to support what MDC needs. Am I alone in thinking there shouldn't be ads in the pregnancy infant loss or giref sections or in S.A? Google ads function by pulling out trigger words and using ads that are geared to those words.. I am afraid that there will be pregnancy related ads and baby related ads in the infant loss...
I wanted to add- The manner in which google ads work- takign words and word combinations and applying ads that are senative to the subject of the page.. that means the mourning a loss section will have pregnancy, infant specific ads.. I can not and do not even want to know what will pop up in S.A. I think this is a very serious matter.
I personally think that in such sensative areas.. mourning the loss of a pregnancy or a child- discussing life traumas- that there should be no risk run of offending or harming. Could the ads not be limited to othe areas?.. Ads that are not offensive the site as a whole might be horribly traumatizing to a momma who just lost a child.
I wanted to throw it out there that i do not really agree in not washing your hair to start dreads.. dreading is not the same as matting. From my own experince (and obviously they all vary) Having clean hair was vital to dreads- although I never used shampoo unless it was something like dr.bronners soap. i used sea salt water and viengar once a week.. but i washed my dreads daily- I also have never used waxes or any products because i personally do not like having...
okay .....but who will comfort my screaming baby when i un-latch her to get off my lazy butt?- heh
I am just curious if the forum for grief and surviving abuse will have google ads as well?
i have things to submit as well.. I already voted I am just waiting on the results
I don't think that is picky at all.. You are informing me of something i didn't know and i appreciate it. I should have said I do not practice any religion..heh This particular post and issue was so hurtful.. I just felt like there must be someway to let a HUGE site know this is not ok??.. bah
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