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help.. I need advice before i bleed from my ears. I belong to another forum.. a very mainstream, very large one. In a totally unrelated thread a member went off calling Islamics violent and claiming the religion as a whole is dangerous. I reported it obviously.. several times.. the thread was closed for review and RE OPENED with out the bashing removed? they found it ok? a place where you can not talk abtou SOOO much you can slam Islam> Now I am not Islamic but...
pm me where ya are arguing circ!!
i was kicked out of a chat room i frequented.. soon after they closed it. and i have been banned from others, and left a couple in a huff..
because if you put that in there you probably wont ever be able to get it out.
I am also thankful you shared it.. it moved me to tears!!! As for the negaitve comments you got.. I wouldn't get into it too much, some ignorance is so deeply rooted it only stands to hurt you to combat it. but i would say my piece as well. I would simply sya that a parentign site should respect all parentign chocies and that it is recomended to breastfeed your child 2 years and beyond. I would also report comments implygni it is child abuse as abusive!
the Earth on black looks nice and faded but on white it looks to me like a piece is missing.. I tend to think a whole Earth better implies being environmental conciousness.. nice work momma!
i can help you with pictures as well Greenie if you need help editing and such or *manipulating*.. it is what I do in part.
i am there sugah. heres a virtual party for ya.. and. http://www.freeonlinegames.com/play/2655.html
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