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i am really grateful that the women here do consider the feelings of others when they can. The intention also was never to single anyone out.. I never considered it was something an individual was doing wrong, I wouldn't have even known you had it in your signature had you not pointed it out. But it is still nice you took people's feelings into consideration.. thank you again!
Thank you mommas! I want to say again.. that supporting the site is not something i question..
I think my OP is nice. There is more than one signature line sporting this message. I posted this after seeing another.
Quote: Originally Posted by JeDeeLenae Oh give me a break. Everything is offending someone around here these days. It was meant to make people aware that there was an option and wonder what it's about. Maybe they'd click on it. It's not like it says, "why isn't yours..." I understand that not all people WANT or CAN have a membership, but that wasn't at all the intent. I'm sorry if someone sees it and thinks I'm saying they are less valuable than me,...
I come from the Gumboot nation..heh.. it is rain boots all the time.. rain or shine- sport em with pride!
Quote: Originally Posted by fek&fuzz Well, maybe if you spent some of your hairspray money on a membership... I see your point, but since it just voluntary and no one knows (or cares) if you have a paid membership, i wouldn't worry about it. It's sort of like the person who got all bent out of shape about the homebirth sig. It's just a sig. It's not judging you (or me, since I don't have a paid membership either). That is true.. I know it is...
thank you momma I will go check it out.. I hadn't seen any info yet stating we could actually avoid google ads, or how much is needed to do so. I don't want my post to come off as suggesting i do not think mothers should support the site in what ever manner *they* see fit..that isn't my point really.
so if members raise a certain amount of money there will NOT be ads?.. can we know how much money? I have no issue with mommas raising money for the site that they believe strongly in.. and it makes me happy to see momas rallying for a cause that has meaning to them. But I honeslty do not like the implication that others should.. and to me asking *do you?* is not about the poster and her membership.. it is about me and my lack of membership..kwim?
I am sorry that is cryptic. I have seen words like this in some signature lines linking to the page to pay for a membership. And a similar sentiment in a few threads. paying for a membership is optional.. the site is free.
I am sure it does not need saying... but- not all of us can afford a membership. I personally do not like feeling responsible for mdc's money needs. I am sure the intention was far from making any mommas feel guilty, but it is a free site set up for support. I wonder if there is better ways to serve an interest than this.
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