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Perhaps this has been said already- But just like the art project I would much rather see profits go to mommas than MDC. I would rather not advertise for a magaizne that already makes profits with money that could be used by an individual- and I suppose with the paid ads on here- the dddcs- the subscriptions- the paying members..I don't think the site is hurtin'. While I do think some of the mommas here certainly are. I think the effort and intention is beautiful...
I am sure i could look else where.. but out of sheer laziness.. what is a holiday helper?.. i assume as it sounds- cause not all mommas celebrate holidays..
oh crappy.:
no one cared : ..heh thanx mystery dddcer.. *SMOOCH*
do you have any submissions yet Greenie?
bump- and that Alex Grey is one of my faves Greenie.
oh BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO on that hospital.. poor baby needs her momma!
Quote: Originally Posted by fek&fuzz But those are negative things. DDDDC's are for good. And it isn't about popularity. I gave one to someone that posted something funny to a thread I started. She's not my BFF or anything. I just had paypal and the time was right. hey now. I knew some girls in high school who would be hurt at that! ..besides it was a joke- I really do not think women should find thier value in hair bags or even...
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