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I always just hold her hand and stroke my face with it and tell her gentle touch.. than i touch her face gently.. than she pets me and smiles..it worked with all my kids (so far..heh)
i would even take my outbox being full at this point.
my guy doesn't eat cheese and dislikes pizza.. while i like anything that comes to my door ready to eat.. and i love cheese....
I rememebr very honestly thinking Clitoris would be a wonderful name.. but i was only 11. I still like the ring..heh
me skallywaggs will be busting up the masts for this one- yarrrr i be thanking ya for the tip.
i just got over one.. i relate and send feel better hugs-
way to manifest some happies!!!!!!!! good luck with yor job!
not sure what to say- do you even consider the difference between commenting on a topic, and commenting on a poster?
leave it to the MDC mommas to consider how ya feel.. I apoligize i missed yer boat. Since we have all determined rightfully the exact pronunciation of this child's name, her parent's intentions and her life long battle with jail fights..
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