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You are so strong I cried reading your blog  you are an amazing mother and women
I did hypnobabies also but not totally I took what I could use with my second child my first so  was traumatic as in I did not have the first or second stage of labor and was thrown right into active labor my sons heart stopped and he was completely limp and blue when born he's now a crazy funny 8yo boy I was petrified to give birth again so with lots of praying and reading and positive thoughts I gained my confidence up and attempted to push fears away I went mostly I...
Can I join? Just got back on mdc after a few years!! My husband and I only bring in between 1800-2000 a month depending on his commission I'm a sahm because if I went to work we would lose foods ramps medical and all my income would go to daycare and some of his would too so financially it is better for us and we are able to save a little cash each month not much but some
Hey did you guys move I'm in north tonawanda and most of the tonawandas are good schools and fairly cheap! The whole area has a low COL and that helps a lot
Loving this season I love them I hope they get land sooner than later!! I also pray Meri gets another baby she soooo deserves it!!
I've been a member forever and have been absent for a long time basically the tight knit community seemed to be missing and a lot of bashing was going on and I didn't want to be reading all that I just today decided to look on here!!! Congrats on returning to work DW!!!!
I no longer have her number but Patty (Patricia) Nisbet is wonderful she is on Main st in Williamsville I'm over in NT and did the drive because she is wonderful!!!
Both boys wake up in the middle of the night my 2yo will cry or just climb on bed then nurse no matter what he will nurse, he nurses about 3 times a night my 8yo wakes up will come in our room and wake us up then fall back asleep. By night wean I mean get him to where my DH can put him to bed once in awhile he will literally not fall asleep with out nursing
Okay so my 8yo has been in his room since he was 3 I transitioned him slowly to his room and slowly to put himself to sleep we have had the same night routine since forever nothing major has changed he adjusted amazingly well when his brother was born my room is an open door so he knows he is allowed in whenever he has a well balanced diet I put him to bed at a normal time between 8-930 depending on what he's doing and how he's behaving he has ADD and that's been addressed...
Well Glenn hasn't been to a WBV since he was 2 or 4 months we are delaying some vax's my ped is not fussy about well anything he thinks less is more..... Glenn LOVES LOVES LOVES his big brother as another mama said no one can make him laugh like his brother and his big brother LOVES LOVES LOVES LOVES him he has to cuddle him every morning and night he is so amazing with him it melts my heart ! Glenn also is amazed by the kitties ohh my they get chased by him and his...
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