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Clearly they are all in denial, but given your brother-in-law's inclination for cheating, I'd say things have a way of working out :)
I have a penny whistle myself and I'm very happy with it :)
you should also consider the positive side of it, as you want this thing so much that it easily motivates you to do other things tha are required for the one big thing. I would see this rather positively, because a lot of people want something but aren't willing to invest what it takes to reach their goal! If a change of persepective doesn't help, find a new hobby, something that takes your mind off things and enables you to just relax!
I'd say the the curiosity behind this is a very good and important thing, to discover new things and how they work! Just don't let her touch it :)  
hey everyone,   a friend recently introduced me to pearl accessories, something that for some reason has so far eluded me. She showed me some beautiful examples at mesenso.com  (seems to be unavailable at the moment) where she got herself a gorgeous pearl necklace. But when I saw that pearls are also available individually, I suddenly had this idea to craft some pearl accessories. Only problem is I have never really crafted before, at least not in a long time. Has...
Interesting! I've always had my doubts about GMO and the practices of this company are truly despicable!
Thanks for the welcome and for the link! I will check it out when I'll get a chance. It's pretty busy here at the moment since we both have our parents visiting :)
Hey everyone,   I'm Clarissa, 29 and I'm a soon to be mother in my last trimester and I'm really excited, which I guess is why I also signed up here, to learn as many helpful things as soon as possible :) I'm sure I came to the right place :) See you in the forum
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