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I'm 28w and up 10-12 pounds. I gained a total of about 15 with my first, but my endo had my thyroid meds WAY too high while I was preg with her, so it wasn't necessarily great for me to gain that little.  But at 10-12 now, I'm feeling pretty good. I cannot WAIT for May to get here....hurry up! I'm pretty well over this pregnancy business. 
I'd be interested.
I'm doing the Hypnobabies at home class. I haven't delved into it yet, I've just been doing the Peaceful Sleep Now and Joyful Pregnancy Affirmations tracks (til after the holidays). I love those two tracks though (and it definitely does help me sleep, even though I had pretty low expectations). My midwife is very supportive and said she feels it really makes a difference for the moms who use it.
Reference ranges for TSH are different during pregnancy. TSH is also a pretty useless # unless you know free T3 and free T4 #s, along with how you actually feel (the latter being one of the best gauges).    "If trimester-specific reference ranges for TSH are not available in the laboratory, the following reference ranges are recommended: first trimester, 0.1–2.5 mIU/L; second trimester, 0.2–3.0 mIU/L; third trimester, 0.3–3.0 mIU/L" By that, I'd think you're in the normal...
I'm taking the Vitamin Code (Garden of Life brand) prenatal, too. I have Slow FE and Floradix for iron because I'm anemic (both are pretty hard on my gut, so I take a Slow FE pill about every-other-day or so). I have FCLO/high vitamin butter oil to take when I can stomach (and smell it) again. I take Natural Calm (calcium+magnesium) about once or twice a week (it's awesome before bed to relax and the mag can curb the effects of the iron). I also take a good probiotic when...
I don't think they existed back when I had my first (5 years ago), but I found side-panel elastic maternity pants...they have belt loops, a zipper/button, like regular jeans. They're just cut for the belly in the front and have elastic panels in the hips for the growing belly.  I was forever hiking up the over-belly ones and it drove me CRAZY. These (with a belt!) stay up SO well and are really comfy. Motherhood is where I got them, the Indigo Blue kind. 
I ordered one of these and it's awesome. It's a lot like the Bravado seamless bra, but $20 cheaper. http://www.mothersboutique.com/senubra.html I already jumped a cup size and underwires have been really uncomfortable, so I wear this one a lot. I got a cheapy nursing bra at Target but I doubt it'll fit by the time baby arrives. That one^ goes up and down in cup sizes so it should last me from now, through nursing. Super comfy. 
I use Wondfo. They caught my BFP 3 days before First Response digital and 2 days before First Response non-digital. 50 dip sticks for $19 ...kinda can't beat it! http://bit.ly/wondfopreg
By breasts feel like they are filled with gel and sand all of the sudden! I didn't have major breast tenderness/heaviness with my first and holy moly, I am ready to ditch the underwires like yesterday (already!).  I have had a tiny amount of nausea (just a few hours one day) and if I eat enough, it doesn't come up.  I'm majorly, MAJORLY dizzy. My ears feel like I'm changing altitudes and I'm all out of whack in that regard. I have some labs being run to make sure I...
I'm Amy. I'm due 5/5 (conceived 8/11 or 12). I have a 5 y/o DD and we got this one on the first try (yeah, hubs! lol).  I got a faint BFP 8/22 and they've been getting stronger every since. 
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