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Wow, PurpleMonkey, that must be awful. I'm a mother of twins too (6 yrs), and would be horrified if they were separated at such a young age. I believe it's beneficial to keep them together until they show signs of being ready. Having spent effectively all their time with you their entire lives, I'm not surprised they're upset every day. It's such a shame. I had a look for some research to see if there was anything that said with some conviction that it wasn't beneficial...
Will do! Thanks!
Hi all   I hope it's ok to start a new thread on this but I just wanted to say hi to everyone going through or thinking about going through IVF in whichever form. I did IVF (ICSI) in 2005 and 2006 and found forums such as this a godsend in terms of support. Having been through it all and come out the other end I just wanted to wish you all the best of luck in your treatments - if you feel like asking anything I'm happy to help if I can.
Hi there   Congratulations on the twin pregnancy! I don't know anything about singleton pregnancies as my twins were my first time if you like, but if you feel like asking anything feel free x
Hi Adina   Thanks very much . I have a particular interest in the infertility topic, as well as twins - hoping to be of some help maybe.
Many thanks Cynthia. Looking forward to contributing to the forums. My username is actually part of my book's title and is also my twitter name - thought I'd start using it for other purposes too - it seems to have stuck!
Hi everyone   Just a short introduction - I'm a mother of 6 year old IVF twins living in the Nottinghamshire area of the UK. Looking forward to discussing various topics including IVF, difficult pregnancies and stressful births, as well as parenting in general.   Best wishes to all
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