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We just moved to NE and I think it's very pretty.   I don't know about any shows or programs about Young Earth Creationism, sorry.  But maybe someone else here does.  The moms at The Well-Trained Mind forums also might have some good ideas about that particular topic. 
Some children just never co-sleep as well as others.  I like the idea of giving her a place of her own to bed down in your room, so she can come in and be close to you, without disturbing your sleep.  That is exactly what I was going to suggest.  Good luck!
I always thought those car seat and stroller covers to practically keep a baby in a bubble were ridiculous... But, wow.  The stuff in this thread wayyy out-ridiculoused (yes, I turned into a verb) that!
When we use the TV for homeschooling, which isn't often, we use educational DVDs from the library.  I love that we can go there and select Discovery, National Geographic, BBC, and other documentary programs.    The one DVD set we did invest in is "Bill Nye the Science Guy".  My son loves it.
Aw, thank you Lauren.  I've been fortunate enough to find some folks through the Omaha Natural Parenting page on Facebook.   I certainly hope to find more kindred spirits!  One can never have enough. 
I've always been the non-huggy type and not much for touching in general.   Back in 2002 when I had my son, his father went away for a 1-year- remote, followed by deployments year after year, so for the first 3 years of my son's life, it was mostly just me and him.  It was nice.  We co-slept, breastfed (until he self-weaned at 2 1/2), and I had just one person's needs to meet, besides my own.   I divorced hubby #1 after 17 1/2 years (long story short: bad match, no...
Thanks Adina!    So far I'm enjoying the Midwest.  It's a new experience for me (I'm from Massachusetts, and after high school lived in Delaware, Korea, and England) and I really like it here.  Loving country living more than I expected.  I see you're from Oregon - my Aunt is in Eugene, and I hope to visit one day, as I hear such wonderful things about the state.  :)  
As I understand it, many suicides happen in concurrence with the Saturn return.  Very sad.    I think, perhaps, there is some variation in Saturn's orbit - that it's not a static, set distance each time it completes a full orbit.  That may account for the variation in returns.  I did try finding the answer, but all I'm finding thus far is "29.45 years".  So the idea of the amount of time it takes to orbit the sun is just a guess.  Any astronomers out there?  ;)
We just moved back to the U.S. and hubby's enlistment in the military ended, and we are happy, as it was very much not the lifestyle for us.   Now we're hoping he'll find a job.  At least my income pays for food shopping and our utilities.  I'm really grateful for that.  Also, we don't have a mortgage (we own our house) or car payment so, again, gratitude.    Since the movers brought our stuff last Tuesday, we decluttered and had a yard sale, so I'm grateful the...
Since my son was about 5 or 6, I've always bought his winter coat one size bigger.  It gets him through two winters, so instead of going through a coat every winter, we get one every other winter.  :)
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