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Hey guys! Sorry it's been a while. Lots going on. Could you please move us back to the December 2013 graduates list? We are at 13 weeks today and just did the first trimester screen. Looks like everything is going great. Thanks for the information and support. I'll check back to see if there are any questions we can help with but I guess we will be moving on to the pregnancy thread. Thanks again and good luck!
lea- We did.  We didn't have any major issues but the RE gave her a trigger shot on our third try, clomid, trigger, and progesterone on fourth and fifth try.  Fourth was an early m/c, and fifth is so far so good.  She said that we don't necessarily have fertility problems, she just wanted to "boost" fertility, which we were happy with.  We went straight to the RE when we started trying because we knew we wanted to go the IUI route with frozen.  We did not want to do KD, so...
twomommy- congrats!!!   jam, lea, darcy, hopeful, mama, lrex- good luck with everything!     AFU- We had our third round of blood work today.  Last Wednesday we were at 588, today we are at 3945 for hCG.  So far, so good.  Progesterone was reported as over 40 last week and at 39.4 today. We are scheduled for an ultrasound next Thursday, 16 January.  At that point we will be 6.5 weeks in.  I'm still holding my breath.  I think I'll feel better after the first U/S and...
So our numbers more than doubled in 36 hours and progesterone is still up 236 on Monday morning and 588 this morning. blood work again in a week and ultrasound in 2 weeks. The nurse asked us how big our vehicle was today. Uh oh I guess we'll see. Good luck tavi!
Thanks guys! We just had another positive test that was a bit darker than Sunday. We are also going in tomorrow for the second blood test. I just can't wait to be able to allow myself to really believe this is happening. So for tonight, we will just be happy in the moment and we can deal with everything else as it comes. I'm glad I found you guys in 2013 and here is to a wonderful 2014 for us all. Happy New Year everyone!
Hey everyone!  Hope all is well.   So, my wife's birthday was yesterday and she took a HPT.  It was positive :)   She took another one today.  Positive again.  We went to the doctor for bloodwork this morning and it came back already.  We are pregnant.  :) We go back on Thursday for more bloodwork.  Her numbers were much higher this time compared to last month so we'll see.  I am hopeful, scared (of course considering everything) but definitely hopeful.  She's been on...
Hey everyone! So the beginning of the month was rather rough but we got through it and got the ok to move forward. Clomid and hcg again this month. We did the IUI today so please put us in the 2 week wait. we had 3 follicles at 19 22 24 yesterday on the left and 16 mm on the right. So we'll see.
Hey everyone. Please move us to waiting to O. The tests weren't good, hCG was down to a 3. So, now we wait some more.  Guess we won't be having an August baby after all.  I think the hardest part is not having a clear reason or answer.  Ahh well, no one said this would be easy.   Hope everyone else is doing ok.
Congrats Liz!  I'm not sure what I'll do if I end up with a more feminine child.  I guess I'll have to learn :)  I was, and am, a tomboy.  So excited for you.   Sandie- good luck and hang in there! I actually started running regularly recently which is helping my anxious feelings during this whole thing.  Plus I quit smoking over the summer to prepare so I figured I'd continue down the "healthy stuffs" path. But regular physical exercise has been helping me cope.  I...
Thanks everyone!!! And congrats Fried!!!!  That's so exciting! We are ok.  She's feeling pretty tired but she is good. I'm worried, of course.  It's hard to know when it is ok to finally feel excited and happy.  So we are hopeful and trying as hard as possible to be patient.  I wish I could fast forward a couple of months.  Hope everyone else is well!
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