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Ack!, Learning is so complicated!  (and I have a master's in Education!)  
thank you so much for the responses! My baby's been teething so I haven't had much time to reply. DD does know how to add, but does it slowly, on her fingers. Even plus-ones. I've been trying to work with dice to recognize groups of numbers by sight, but even after a few weeks, she still has to count. (doesn't recognize two rows of three as six, for example) I downloaded rocket math on my iPad and it is a HUGE hit! We'll be doing more of the games suggested, as well. ...
Right now I'm planning to start homeschooling in the summer, (not just during the summer) We'll be moving a lot in the next couple years, although I'm not sure when, and where to (thanks, Army!) and I'd like her to have some continuity. Also, I do't want her to be behind if we end up someplace with good schools. Are the right start games available by themselves, or would I need to buy a curriculum package? She does like computer work, so I'll definitely check out the...
My daughter is in first grade at public school, and her class started the year trying to memorize addition facts, then I guess the teacher gave up, and they are now working some with place values, they have homework that is working on visually recognizing different numbers (group of five dots, group of seven dots, etc. I think this is part of Singapore Math?) Anyway, I've been trying to get her to learn addition facts at home, first using a set of "wrap-ups" and then...
my favorite place to find recipes these days is Pinterest. Tons of great vegan recipes.
I like the Waldorf "style" of doing things, (I might lean a little more towards earlier academics) but I don't think a standard Waldorf school would work for a vegan. many of the crafts and toys/games involve wool & beeswax. I've looked myself to see if there is maybe soy-based modeling wax available, but I haven't found any. As far as food goes, I think that would be easy to work around, although I read somewhere on here that a lot of Waldorf families are into that...
I used to say you need to wash your hands BEFORE, because your hands have germs, I don't want you putting germs into your body. That way I could stop the behavior without suggesting private areas are "dirty". Sometimes, though she'd just race to the bathroom, wash her hands, then go back to what she was doing. It was outgrown pretty quickly, but I remember It was incredibly annoying at the time.
I ended up getting a great OB off-post who let me go all the way to 42 weeks before scheduling an induction, and I finally went into labor the night before! She was tiny 6# 13oz) and we had a really nice, intervention-free birth. I am so glad things turned out so well! She did well on all the NSTs and ultrasounds, which is why the OB wasn't pushy about inducing, but still, I feel lucky to have found a dr willing to be so laid-back.
She DID come on her own! I started labor when I went to bed the night before the induction was scheduled, and by the time I got to the hospital for my appointment, I was at 6 cm! Since I didn't get induced, they let me labor in the tub, and I had a great, fast intervention free hospital birth! thanks for the support and good vibes!
Gato Y Perro on HBO is MUCH better than Dora, IMO. We watch it on YouTube. If you have an iPad, there are some decent Spanish-learning apps, as well.
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