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Thank you DelightedButterfly!!!
We are dying to find out!  Can't wait for the 20 wk scan...we are both hoping very much for a girl.  Of course we will adjust and love a boy just the same! But I would rather have a day of slight disappointment FAR before the baby is here....I know by the time March rolls around I will have fully adjusted to a boy!  (but *fingers crossed* for a girl in the meantime:)
It is the 13 wk for me and I am finally emerging from the fatigue, morning sickness, headaches, and nap-taking of the first trimester! Yay! I still have cravings and food aversions though.  The worst is that I have such an aversion to eating eggs, and our five spring chicks JUST started laying their blue eggs, which I've been waaaiiiitttting on for months, and now I can't even imagine eating them. I hope food aversions can't stick forever! haha!
Hi there! My husband(30) and I(28) are thrilled to be expecting our first child...this has been an amazing journey so far.  Neither of us have much practical experience with babies, as we are both only children.  I think this has made the whole thing even more amazing, and left our minds more open to new parenting ideas.  We both come from very traditional Midwestern families, so I anticipate some challenging interactions with family regarding our plans for natural...
Hello!  My name is Rosemary.  My husband and I will be first-time parents in March, and we are both just beside ourselves with excitement!   We live in the woods, where we are beginning homesteaders.  We raise chickens for eggs, garden, can and preserve as much as we can.  Someday soon we intend to expand with sheep and dairy goats!  I run an independent, creative business from my home studio,  which will allow me to live my career dreams, while being a full-time...
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