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Maybe we need to stop romanticising birth and making it about photo ops and using it to give us self esteem. Birth means to bring forth. When a child exits the womb into the world it has been born and the mother has given birth. A csection is birth with help.
I would like a broader study that also includes ICU, NICU, Hospice and general immunocompromised populations before I would make a decleration that the outcome is not changed and the vaccines doea not work at all.
Personally I am for wiggle room, I split up shots myself but make sure I am up to date when things like daycare or school come in to play. I havent circumcised my son because it is something you can't undo. I made that choice. I may suffer consequences from it. He may get pissed at me when he is older, he may have certain issues, who knows. But I view artifical and natural consequences as life. I dont advocate for them, I just accept they exist. If I dont follow the...
Have you read HIPPA at all? HIPPA prevents covered entities from discussing your healthcare information with a third party with certain exemptions. Not that someone cant require a health status for you to participate. You have the opportunity not to divulge that info and move along. Daycares are not a covered entity and are actually are well within their rights to demand vaccine compliance under the public health umbrella.And I think people confuse "rights" with "things...
You misunderstand the purpose of advertising. Policies arent usually marketing points. Cruiseliners that go overseas dont normally advertise in their commercials that you cant sail if you are over a certain number of weeks pregnant. But if you care enough to read an insitutions policies you will see all kinds of guidlines you must follow or particpate in to use their services.And you are right, public demand usually drives business practices. It is very easy to not give...
But they may push vaccines in effort to stay on an insurers rosters.
Modern medicine hasnt escaped being victimized by the human condition.
I dont know. I am asking for the resources for your claims that it has been underinvestigated. I have no experience with the vaccine damaged. I dont administer them nor do I know of anyone claiming or who claimed damage from a vaccine. I dont doubt that it occurs though.
A lot of doctors are at thr mercy of insurance compa ies. both medical insurers and their own malpractice insurance.
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