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 According to whom? 
Safe also has been deemed the negatives are seen as rare. Otherwise nothing is safe. But I agree with you all risk should be discussed with ANYTHING that ia invasive and signed off on. But I also believe in some self responsibility.
I think they have minimum burden, to provide some info and answer questions.. I think sometimes it has to be the patients responsibility to make themselves aware. While sometimes I will defer o, I also don't believe in absolute blind trust, in anyone or anything. 
 I think that is why he is doing a service to you telling you that he will NOT service you. He could always go the route of some in the medical community where they have been arresting parents, involving child protective services, and forcing treatments on children against their parents wishes. 
Legally, children can be expelled and kicked out of schools and told to go elsewhere, especially private institutions. A boss can fire their employee or only hire people that fit their criteria, A landlord can refuse to rent to a tenant or refuse to renew a lease of a tenant they deem undesirable. Let's not act like this sort of discrimination is some anomaly in life. Legally, as of right now, your vaccine stance is NOT protected under any discrimination law, and their is...
And this is exactly why when a doctor no longer feels he can service a patient he should be able to suggest they seek healthcare else where. Why keep them on andjust do things for the hell of it? If they think they cant help you and dismiss you from care surely they are okay woth money walking out of the door. It took me 32 ( I am only 34) years, the same amount or more of ER visits, hospitalization, and pain, tears, and emotional trauma to get my sphincter of oddi...
Turquesa So you want to force doctors in private practice to see and treat patients they don't share the same medical philosophies with because its inconvinient for you and your views, which are outside of mainstream medical standards? So lets go there. How ideally would this be enforced? Because it would have to be across the board. Doctors in private practice could not refuse patients nor dismiss them for any reason. Personally I wouldnt want a pediatrician...
They dont have to comply. they can seek care with another physician that has the same views or is at minimum sympathetic to the parents views.
And I believe from his essay he is talking about parents that REFUSE to vaccinate. Not those that don't have the means or cannot because of health reasons.
New Posts  All Forums: