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Standards and their development should be based on sound child development, which is simply not true and lies at the heart of all criticism I have read.  I am a teacher and with a master's in developmental theory.  It is time to stand up and oppose the Common Core and insist on developmentally based curriculum in our schools.  This is the only way we will increase our academic ability as a nation as well as develop a healthy society.  
Charter schools are non-profit, public schools.  
Old Mother Westwind and the series are great, 5 year old appropriate in nature books.   Magic Tree House are good for 7-8 and older as far as content goes.  
I'd love to join this fb group: Ilie Watterson
 I have two boys: 3 and 6 and am due with #3 the second week of April.  Thrilled to be in the 2nd trimester!
Visualization really helps me when I'm beginning to feel the fear.  After hearing the heartbeat, I pictured my baby like a great beating heart (the pretty kind), before that the baby was a shining sun.  I find it helpful to focus on their essence rather than physical shape. 
That's a hard one.  I'm struggling with how to tell my 3 and 6 year old that I live with.  Good luck!
I'm 14 weeks with my third.  Began to feel clear movements last week -- so exciting as it makes it feel really real.
I'm in the same boat. Finding some relief from the nausea yet still really tired at 10 weeks. Hope my energy comes back as I'm teaching full-time with two boys, 3 and 5, at home.  Wish I could just sleep all day.  Due April 7th-- close to both of you :) 
Me too!  This is my third pregnancy.  My two boys are 3 and 5 and I only threw up once with each of them.  Now I'm up to 4 times.  I'm constantly nauseous and tired.  It feels like torture.  Haven't told them yet partly because I don't want them to associate the baby with Mommy begin so sick.  I've been slightly less nauseous the past few days and am hoping I turned a corner although I'm just 9 weeks so I know I'm not out of the blue yet.  
New Posts  All Forums: