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 Thanks for the reply.  Do you mean giving him a probiotic just in general, as part of a daily regimen?  Or did you mean just in response to this type of irritation?
Thanks for the suggestion.  I actually contacted Marilyn at NOCIRC for advice and she suggested putting liquid acidophilus cultures on it at every diaper change for a few days, which has worked really well.  I highly recommend it for anyone dealing with the same issue.  We had been doing a lot of swimming in chlorinated pools during the summer which killed off some of the good bacteria causing irritation and allowing yeast to grow.  I just applied the acidophilus at every...
Thanks for the suggestion
I'm actually planning on doing that tomorrow. This past week was really busy for us, and 3 days he is in daycare. I was hoping that might help too.
Hi,   My son is 2 1/2 yrs old and intact.  He is at least somewhat retractable, at least 6 months ago he had a good deal of smegma coming out from his foreskin.  A couple weeks ago he started telling me that his penis hurts.  He would only tell me this at diaper changes and didn't want me to touch his penis.  There was no redness that I could see on the foreskin.  I gently pulled back on the foreskin to see if I saw any irritation.  The head of the penis seemed really...
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