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I'm a stay at home mom, my daughter is 10 months old now. I live with my parents. I've noticed lately that whenever I try & pick her up to move her away from something she shouldn';t be playing with she goes "dead-weight" in my arms so I can't pick up and completely freaks out crying.    I'm not sure if it's when she is tired and needs a nap or if she is just pissed that I took he raway from it? When my parents watch her I know they do things differently, she is not...
 I just have a question.. is there a specific reason you don't praise him directly on a normal day-to-day basis? And when is the earliest you can start potty training a child
What would the long-lasting effects of giving NO rewards during potty training (which takes longer), versus the long-lasting effects of giving rewards? Does anybody know
Thanks for starting the difference between encouragement/excitement and rewards. I understand that better now! Parenting is big learning process for me
i don't really agree with the concept of reward charts or stickers. I'm not sure why yet, I'm still reading about gentle discipline but for some reason praising to make my child do something doesn't sit right with me.   When potty training, what is the best method for something that feels this way?
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