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I really had fun reading the article. The little girl is so pretty :)!
Sometimes, I ask myself why I became a single parent. Was this my punishment for being a bad daughter? I used to party a lot. Going home very late, and boom. After a one night stand, I just woke one morning and I got pregnant.   I guess I just missed being able to hangout with friends. I can't do that anymore since I have someone to think of. However, it just made me realize that if I had not become a mother, would have I become worse than I was before? Perhaps I would...
My dear daughter is still a toddler and I can't bear a day not seeing her. I'm so scared that one day she would leave me and live by her own. I can't imagine what you are going through, Dacianna. I guess, as mothers, we have to accept that our children do not stay young forever. Time will really come when they need to have their independent lives, and all we can is support them :).
I am a very conservative person. At the age of 13? As a mother, I think 13 years old is still young. You can talk to her about sex. However, you need to tell her not to engage into that kind of activity yet.
Hi Kristina ! I admire you so much for being so brave. I guess, it is better if you stay away from the father for the mean time and think things through. Be strong. Noah needs you to be strong. I know it isn't going to be easy, but certainly, things will be better soon. We are here if you need us, Kristina :)!    All the best!
Thank you so much for welcoming me, Mommy mamazee and Mommy Adinal :)!
Wow! Chemistry Kit is cool. How about books on Chemistry? Wouldn't that sound great :)?
I am Nancy and I'm a single mother of a 4-year-old daughter. I actually find this site to be very informative and helpful. I have already read a few problems and was able to share my own experiences as a mother. I hope to have more conversations and insight-sharing with all of you here :)!
Sex education is a very relevant topic that should be taught in schools. With what is going today, a lot of teenagers get pregnant because they engage in something uncautiously. It is about time for these kids to know more about sex to guide them and to let them know about the consequences they might encounter when engaging in sex.
Uniforms create a sense of identity and belongingness :)! So, I go for school uniforms..
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