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I experienced the most wonderful blessingway yesterday, thanks to the fabulous women of my life...and thanks also to your inspirational suggestions. The matriarchal introductions were particularly a great feature of the day. I'm still on a high from it all! :-)
I am moved by all of the wonderful rituals & examples of connection with dear ones. Thanks for sharing, everyone - and may all your blessingways be special!
Thanks, Becky.  I love all that you shared on this thread and most appreciate the truth behind your closing line, which I clipped above.
(Sorry if this somehow ends up being a duplicate - my first attempt to respond appears to have been lost...!)   Your blessingway ideas sound great, lyndie - and certainly enough to fill 3 hours!  Like you, I did not want to go the shower route and focus on material items.  I was so grateful when a friend offered to host a blessingway.  I am really looking forward to a room full of powerful women and mamas channeling positive energy for my birth!   I love the...
Will do - thank you so much!
Thanks so much!  I did join the October birth forum but hadn't yet seen the Life with a Babe area...looks like a gem!!!
That sounds really lovely, littlebird.  I've only been to one before and at that one it was potluck style, and we all offered words of strength/encouragement to the mom-to-be.  We were also asked to bring a quote for mom (words of strength/encouragement for labor), and a candle that she would burn during labor.  I am thinking of doing something similar at mine.
Hi Everyone -I am new to the group and saw some posts about baby showers.  I am not having a shower but a friend is hosting a blessingway for me in about a month.  Anyone have ideas or suggestions for a blessingway?
Hi Everyone,   I'm a newbie and just checking in to say hello.  I'm having my first, due in October.  We're excited as could be!  ...and grateful that places like this exist to help out with advice.  My pregnancy has gone really well, but I am definitely feeling deficient in the what to do after the baby arrives department!!!   Elaine
New Posts  All Forums: