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Gratz t2009! Kita, I'm so sorry they didn't find anything. There has got to be reason! Do you think your DH will come around? It took my hubby a bit too get used to the idea of having to do one. I think I ended up talking him into it by flat refusing to go further with any treatments unless he had it done.
Thanks alive and badwolf. Rosie, I feel you on the amount of time. Never thought I'd still be here. Me and a good friend started trying about the same time. Let's just say she had her baby in Feb.
Thanks for being the thread keeper tinytina! Thanks for the condolences regarding my dog. I'm doing much better now. Still hard, but I'm going to work on crafting more and doing things around the house to fill my time. Can you please move me to waiting to o? thanks!
Rosie- I have. Sorry. I didn't update about everything. Not quite thinking right. That's why my gyn went ahead with the surgery and all back in Jan-the pain and the time of it all. I think my office counts not being on traditional bc as "trying". We have a referral to get DH's swimmers tested and the doc has me doing the opks to see if I'm ovulating. Which I am. I have an appt May 7th, if I'm not pregnant by then then we are going to discuss fertility drugs and all. It...
Kita- I'm sorry you had that episode. That sounds really scary. We are still trying for our first pregnancy. We've been trying since May, doing ntnp since fall of 2012. I haven't been on the pill in about six years. Can you move me to waiting to o? AF hasn't shown up yet, but my temp is at cover line so I'm sure it's going to start tmw. Honestly, I'm not that upset about it as our beloved dog passed away yesterday. He was 10. We are heartbroken.
Sorry guys, theres so much to get caught up right now. This forum has been flying! I've got a question for all you chart stalkers out there, why did I get a temp dip today at 11 dpo? I normally have a couple more days in my post O phase. Is AF gonna come early? Ugh. I hope not. http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/465eee  btw I dont record BDing once I get cross hairs. Not gonna lie, it takes too much effort lol.
Rosie I'll be thinking of you with your appt tmw. I hope you find some answers. Kita4 I know nothing about polyps or what the treatment would be. But I do have to say that I'm glad I had the surgery for endo. I know it's not the same thing but it helped in my head so much to know that I was taking steps in the right direction and that is have some answers at the end of it all. I hope you find a solution. Cawmama welcome!
welcome @angelasm1th !  @dmariev and @Li5i  congratz!! @rosie2727 Nice window treatments! @scjp1109 TBH I would call a doc asap to get in. You typically have long cycles its a good idea to figure out whats going on. You shouldn't have to wait to day 100 again. EVER.   AFM, I'm just hanging out over here at 8dpo. So I must ask y'all a question. Should I test Friday (12 dpo) or Sat (13), assuming that my temp stays up? Sat is our Anniversary so I'm unsure how getting a...
@badwolf092087  I'm so excited for you! Praying for a sticky baby! Personally, I like it when the pregnant ladies stick around to root us on, it gives me so much hope!   AFM, I decided I'm going to have a couple drinks with my friend. I've missed out on so much and put so much of my life on hold already. Its been nice this month to just relax and do what I want to do, when I want to, like have that extra cup of coffee in the am. My stress levels have decreased...
Please move me to waiting to know. I finally got crosshairs! I'm seriously hoping that we got enough BDing time in. I feel like we could have done more, ya know? Anyways, I have a question for y'all. Friday I'm going out with my bestie for a girls night, I'll be 5DPO, in your opinion is it ok to have a few drinks? On one hand I feel like its not a big deal, because based on my past cycles, I won't be pregnant, but then again, IF I happened to get pregnant this cycle I feel...
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