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I see the difference now, thank you.
I have 2 younger cousins in medical school. One just posted on participating on a c-section. I told her "wow! I can't imagine needing an emergency c-section! So glad mom and baby are ok!" Then she told me it wasn't an emergency, neither mom or baby were in imident danger. Now THAT scares me! I almost ended up with a c-section with my hospital birth because the doctor didn't want me to labor too long. Why? Because he had other patients. The US has a high infant and mother...
Thank you! I look forward to learning all I can and for my BFP!!
Hello! My husband and I are planning on having another baby. I am sick and tired of doctors and if we get pregnant I want to go UP/UC. Our first baby I had in a hospital. My OB labeled me "high risk" when I now don't feel I was. However, because of that I couldn't transfer to a birthing center. I was stuck with a hospital birth. The birth was horrible. I labored at home until the contractions were 5 minutes apart. My OB knew I wanted to go drug free and I wanted to be...
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