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I felt like my PMS was getting worse too. Then, for me, I figured it was more the stress of not knowing if we covered our bases very well. I'd be so stressed and upset as soon as my fertile window closed. But once I pin downed my O day, a lot of the tress went away, and my TWW became more bearable. As long as we DTD the day prior to O, I just don't care a much.well I wouldn't be able to sleep either!! Congrats!!im gonna be stalking your chart daily! I so hope you caught...
Good luck!! I have nothing but high hopes and positive vibes for your next pregnancy!!
The deed has been done! Whew! So nice to know this ONE TIME I had optimaltiming. Now the wait is on for the crosshairs....
So, temp is till up...you gonna test soon or waiting it out?Whats FF saying now? If anything....You itching to test at all?
Ok, I'm seeing signs of eggs!! Got my peak reading this am for the first time ever on my monitor!! OPK confirmed too! Yay!! We DTD late last night, so DH better be ready to go again when he gets home - cause it is GO time!! Happy Friday everyone!
I'm definitely hunting eggs this weekend Welcome deserae! I'm off work tomorrow for Good Friday! Yay!!
Out of hiding to tell Mo congrats girl!! FINALLY!! You def got the prize egg this Easter!! Yay!! I bet you are over the moon!!
I have been thinking lately about my supplements too. My regular OBGYN had her first baby at over 40. I recently asked her if she supplemented with anything. She said she just took a prenatal and some extra folate. This has been ringing in my ears and is part of why I recently scaled back. All I'm doing now is prenatal, aspirin, and progesterone. I'm still toying with the idea of taking pregnitude. I actually took a dose yesterday, but you're supposed to use twice a day...
I think it looks good! I am on my phone 99% of the time I post. So I see no one's signature!
If you'll provide a link. But idk that I'm good at reading them.
New Posts  All Forums: