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DD is 16 months now, and I did build a learning tower. She is starting to talk in sentences and RUN!!! We have lots of fun now that she has a greater understanding of language. Thanks for the advice to get me through the rough patch, Baby Prooofing Complete! Lots of activity stations & low shelves. Good times.
Great idea to do the fingerpaint in the tub, I've been trying to find a way to make it fun without ruining my house or having to say "no" about anything.
P.E.T. (Parent Effectiveness Training) is all about being an active listener and really LISTENING to what your child is saying or struggling with as a way to have more positive conflict resolution throughout your life as a parent. Talking with the child rather than AT them. I loved it, in fact it really helped interactions with all people in my life. Any parent or potential teacher should read it for sure!
I've been considering a tower for her, she is a participatory child. Now she's 13 months and more confident, with greater ease of movement and loves to stand on things!
If Grandma was a more frequent part of their life to begin with it might work better... being with someone relatively unknown for that period of time would be confusing and scary for some children. 
12 months old & no end in sight. I plan to keep going until she is ready to stop, both with the feeding and the co-sleeping. We rarely have to carry her around crying at night thanks to the ease of nursing in bed, I think those who don't co-sleep & night nurse might be even more frustrated and sleep deprived than we are some nights! LOL
Nice... I also avoid the "no" word and do a lot of redirecting and montessori style play areas.
My Dear Daughter has grown large and in charge very quickly, crawling at 6 months and walking at 9 months. Now she is a strong, curious 11 month old who is walking (almost running) everywhere and getting into everything, but she still lacks a lot of verbal skills and comprehension of what she's doing. We do lots of activities and exploring, and of course I had to baby-proof early, but does anyone who has experienced a young walker have advice, stories & wisdom for a first...
New Posts  All Forums: