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MaggieLC I love the advice you give to your clients!. You sound like a great lactation consulant.
Hi lops, yes I did conceive naturally. We tried for a couple of months and then I decided to get some very cheap tests off the internet to see when i was ovulating. I found out I was ovulating later in my cycle than I had thought ( day 19) - had sex and bingo! My beautiful baby girl was conceived. My son was so attached to the boob that I continued feeding them both in tandem for 4 months after my daughters birth. So don't give up hope, if you've already had one child in...
MaggieLC, thanks for your post.It's really interesting and reassuring. I'm 45, breastfeeding my 2 year old daughter and have been experiencing perimenopausal symptoms for the last 6 months. Our society's attitude towards extended breastfeeding fascinates and irritates me and I constantly remind myself that globally these attitudes are in the minority. 80% of the World breastfeed and bedshare yet when I had my first child the latter was being demonised by the media whilst...
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