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What is the most economical place to buy predyed wool felt, loose magic wool, and peg people? Do they sell tie dye painted wool felt? I saw an etsy store that had autumn peg gnomes with tie dyed colored felt clothes
Thanks. my sister says the same thing. It sounds like such a complicated situation but in the end its really that we arent working as a team.
Hello wondering if I could get some advice for my VERY complicated situation for both being a SAH working Mom involving sharing finances and outside influence when trying to do waldorf at home. This is a mouthful and may be my  life story. I know there will be harsh criticism :)   My boyfriend has a 9 year old boy. I met him when he was 4 almost 5. We share a 3.5 yr old together.   Some background information:   We lived together very unpeacefully. We argued a great...
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