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Screw it. This place is just as bad as ever. I used to love this community. I have no desire to spend my energy around certain people however.
It looks like Emily Likens isn't in Colorado anymore. Unless I just suck at Google.    I recently saw a CNM in Pueblo who mentioned there were two homebirth midwives in Pueblo. I know of Sharon McDougal, but I can't find another. I'm hoping Emily wasn't the only other midwife in Pueblo.
Good luck.
I just spoke with a practice in Colorado Springs that I'd heard great things about. They aren't accepting new medicaid patients though. Nor do they know of any female providers that are. I feel so stuck. I really don't want to do unassisted again (my new partner is not completely comfortable with that), but I feel like I'm practically being forced into it.
There are still some toxic people on here that won't leave me alone. So thank you for your support, but I don't want me info out here anymore.
No suggestions so far. :( So far I have found ONE female OB in this whole town that accepts medicaid patients for ob services. I'm familiar with her too. I saw her once for my gyn and I vowed to never go back. She was horrible. I'm thinking I'm going to have to head to La Junta, Canon City, or Colorado Springs to hopefully find someone. 
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