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How long has she been in the new class? Some kids just take longer than others to adjust to new situations. DD3 is in daycare and was recently switched from the toddler to pre-k room. It's been a bit rough but I know she'll adjust fine if I give her a little more time. I wouldn't switch unless there were other problems too. 
I've tried distance school and it was not a good fit for me. And that was without kids too. I don't learn well unless I'm IN the classroom. So that's something to think about. Are you the type of person who will be able to learn without the in person experience? Not everyone is.
That sounds so similar to my life right now.  Just need to add in a teenager who "just wants to chat" every time I try to sit down in quiet for a moment. Not about anything important. Not about anything at all really. Just wants to chat. And gets sulky if I say I'm busy. But god forbid if I intrude on HER time to chat. 
Well we don't have any local summer camps that hire anyone under 16. Plus I really want her to have a REAL job. Not a camp job. She also is going to online school next year so her school hours can be tailored around her job. I'm also not going to be driving her back and forth for something she doesn't get paid for so no volunteering. Nuh uh. Can't afford the gas to do that.   I have already given her the go ahead to find a real job. Was more just looking to see what...
DD1 is 14 and very much wants a job (a REAL job, not babysitting, or paper delivery, etc). CO labor laws say that 14 yr olds can work in a lot of different positions. Including food service, retail, office work, hotels, etc. I'm encouraging her to do this for a few reasons. My mom would not let me get a job until I graduated high school. I really feel that hurt me a lot. I went out in to the *real world* with no idea how the work environment was. Plus DD1 always wants...
My contributions to common sense:   If you are throwing something out you need to put it IN the garbage can, not on the counter 3 inches from the garbage can.   Unless you spent 9 months in my uterus you should NOT call me "mama", "mother", "mom", "mommy", or any variation on that theme.   If you're in a different room and are trying to talk to me and I yell back that I can't hear you that is NOT code to just say more things. It means I really CAN'T hear your...
  Yes yes a gazillion times YES to the bolded! There were so many times I would post a thread or response in all seriousness looking for advice, or an "I've been there, you're not a terrible person" kind of support only to be made to feel like I was a complete failure because I wasn't AP enough or living NFL enough, or something... but it was always "GENTLE" advice. PA gentle. Just like backhanded compliments. Sure didn't feel a bit gentle, I can tell ya.  
I voted other. I WANT to vote for minimal moderation but I couldn't choose that option because I absolutely do NOT agree with:       I do not feel there is EVER a time for heavy moderation. Are we adults or aren't we? Seriously! People need to put on their big girl panties and deal.
This is an example of why MDC really aggravates some people. We are all adults here and yet we were put in the forum equivalent of a time out. It's ridiculous. There are still some places on MDC that I do like to visit, but being treated like a child is really getting old.
ANYONE who has time to post can get access to TAO. That means it's not private. Private to me implies that you have to apply for access. Like for SA. Nothing at SA has ever been snarked at TWWS that I've seen. I imagine if anyone was insensitive enough to bring something over they would be called out long and hard for that too. That's just NOT cool, you know? 
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