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I had the test done with my first and going to have it done tommorrow. It is a good thing to have done weather you think you have it or not it is not a stupid test. The drink aint that bad either the kind they gave me taste like orange soda.
can you add me..I am new here I am due April 23 this is my second baby and it is going to be a surprise.. i will tell you alittle about me real quick my name is Alicia I am 18 I have a 10 month old son well he will be 11 months on feb 10th I am engaged to a wonderful guy. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you.
I am new here..but i watched as much of it as i could little one was to busy crawling over me and laughing. I liked what Dr. Sears had to say but i am in the situation right now where my son sleeps on the side of me when he wakes up in middle of night (never use to until i took his binki away since he got teeth now) Fiance dont like to much but oh well it is the only other thing i could find that would comfort him other than his binki..my Fiancee would agree with the first...
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