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Thanks for all the feedback!   Okay, so I will say that I am a littler nervous because DS did fall off the bed as an infant even though I barricaded him in with firm pillows. Before he could even crawl he managed to wiggle on top of a pillow and over and down. Very scary!  I think I will feel better with a bed rail as a last resort in case she is very wiggly like DS. Also, I plan on getting a video monitor rather than just an auditory one like I had with DS.   For you...
@BennyPai , if possible they could do the exchanges at the local police/sheriff station. Around here, that is where a lot of families do exchanges with high-conflict cases for safety without incident. Great news on the 50/50! Will be thinking of your friend :)
I have a question about bed rails/bed bumpers, so I thought this would be the place to ask...   We are planning on co-sleeping with our baby in our king size bed. With my first, He would sleep on a changing pad with the curved soft sides making it easy for me to access throughout the night from each side for night feedings. However, I am concerned about our new baby rolling off the bed at night (we have hardwood floors too) so I am considering buying a bed rail to put at...
@HopefullyMama , those are really cute. Not as creepy as real faces cut-out, for sure.  I had the idea to do little baby animals--baby chicks, puppies, kittens? Could be a fun project ;)
@kellyjeangee , where are you located? How exciting! Last time I didn't have to buy my own tub, but this time we do. Worried about setting it up in time for the baby. 
Okay, good to know. I will follow your advice. Thank you!
I am probably the only person here that is planning an in-hospital water birth. Luckily my midwives are great and haven't told me any horror stories. When I delivered my son the hospital nurses tried to start me down the path of pitocin and all the regular drug stuff. I had to muster all my energy away from contractions to say, "NO!" before the midwife got there. Also, with my son, I was so positive through the whole pregnancy--very wide-eyed and young with a "everything...
I love the idea of making your own mobile! I have heard about doing that with little cut-outs of Mommy and Daddy's faces. Is that weird? Will the baby wonder where the rest of our bodies have gone? Haha. Anyway, very cute projects. Thanks for sharing, @HopefullyMama !
I was feeling so "fragile" after my last acupuncture treatment, but now it has been 6 days and I feel pretty good on the treated side. My other side is actually really bad now, though. I think I need to see a chiro too, it's been way too long. Maybe together with the acupuncture it will be better? Acupuncture on Saturday and baby shower on Sunday. Hoping I won't be in pain for the party :(
Ugh. Looks like they are going to go through with the tenting. I will make sure they pay for a hotel for at least a week. Probably going to take out all the kids clothes and baby stuff to avoid contamination. My neighbor said that she did a lot of research once and that the chemical used is a gas that once exposed to oxygen evaporates..? Unless you inhale it directly it won't hurt. So clothing and soft furnishings should be okay after the windows are opened after tenting....
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