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32 weeks 
26 weeks 
Awesome photo tanyato  Love your hair!   Looking great BaileyB!   Yay bellies 
Everyone looks great! Same here, MrsGail...people are just now starting to realize I'm pregnant and not just bloated 
I just did a maternity pants shopping haul this weekend. We went to a few local baby/mama thrift stores - the ones with lots of baby gear, toys, etc. often have a clothes section, too -  and a regular thrift store that had maternity clothes. The salvation army sometimes has a maternity rack, too. I got a nice pair of dress pants there. I also have a friend several states away mailing me some of her old maternity clothes, set up through Facebook :) So check with...
  20 weeks! I bought my first few pairs of maternity pants today  
I'm curious what other moms' experiences have been with hypnobirthing. I asked for the Mongan Method book and CD for Christmas.    
The "Do I need a stroller" thread seemed to get a lot of responses, so here's another one...   Do I need a baby tub? Or do you just bathe with your baby? Wash her in the sink? Or use the "tummy tub" (the one that looks like a bucket)? What has worked best for you and baby?   Your responses are really helpful for this first time mommy  
I'm really looking forward to feeling the baby move  A little reminder every day that babe is doing well.
(Moved from first appointment thread)   We had our first appointment with our CPM today. It was lovely, except for the fact that we couldn't pick up baby's heartbeat (12w5d). I'm not too, too worried...my dates are spot on but I know it could be the position of my uterus, placenta, etc. I have a faint memory of someone once telling me at an exam that my uterus was retroverted. Still, it would have been reassuring to hear it today  You hear those horror stories about...
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