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Bless 3rd time - I am doing wonderful !! I had a lap done 4 days before thanksgiving to check my tubes and everything looke great! I am no 14wks pregnant!!! it was an awesome Christmas surprise for my husband, I told him it was our birthday baby because his bday is dec 2nd and mine is the 14th lol
Thank you!!!! (: good luck with your reversal hope everything goes well for you!!!
Well it looks like we got a very nice Christmas surprise!!! I am 5wks pregnant! (: just thought I'd let you ladies know. I had a procedure done to check my tubes nov 22nd and apparently that helped !
Um what?
Thanks ladies! I will defiantly keep you updated!!
Thank you!! (:
Thanks you! (: I hope your ladies surgeries go smoothly, my surgery was done in San Antonio,tx on a military base. Then surgery was done laparoscopic. The recovery really wasnt to bad (for me) everyone's different all 3 of my kids were c sections so its comparable to that they went through my old incision and a very small incision in my belly button, they kept me over night I know most places do it as our patient surgery. First few days I was pretty slow but I stopped...
I honestly can't remember I believe they were cut and burned but my doctor didnt remove or damage much of my tubes so there was still quite a bit left that's why they did the HSG the doctor didnt want to preform the surgery if there was no chance of it working. They did a HSG right as they finished my tubal and the doctor said both of my tubes flowed freely. I'm not sure how much it will cost for you? Every place is different some pay up to 6,900 so I would say 2,700 is...
A HSG test is where they fill your tubes with a dye to either see if your tubes are open or to see how much of your tubes are left I had one done before my surgery and the my infertility doctor said if I wasn't pregnant within 6months we could do another one and go from there. I had mine done on a military base in San Antonio but I'm sure you could request it through from your obgyn, price are you talking the HSG or the tubal reversal?
No I haven't yet,i was pretty sick two months after the surgery so we didnt start trying until june. I go in for an HSG test first week of October to see if the surgery was successful, if so then I'm going to start on clomid.
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