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Thank you for your reply. My daughter started off with an Ipad with an Iadapter case when she was in Kindergarten.  It was so heavy that we upgraded her backpack to a hiking pack with chest clips.  She would take her Ipad out and place it on her desk.  But never wanted to carry it anywhere even with the strap and handle.  So, last year they (her team at school and the tech guru) suggested that we try a mini ipad....we opted to remove the iadaptor and got a very simple...
Hi everyone! I have 3 children, ages 11, 7.5, and 3.5.  I am taking prerequisite courses in speech and language pathology and I will be applying to grad school in January :).  I am here mostly to check out the special needs forum, and to get a few friendly parenting tips.  Its nice to meet you all!
Hello! My 2nd grader has a severe articulation disorder and uses an ipad as her communication device currently.  But 'using' is a loose term.  She does not take it out at school when she needs to communicate the most.  Part of me was thinking that if we got the same app (touch chat) for an ipod touch and had her wear it to school, that maybe she would use it more.  Has anyone ever done this?  Her cognitive development is average to above average for her age (7) and  she...
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