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Hi Everyone, I am expecting our first!  We are having a boy and that is a load off me because my husband is the last in his family line so good from the start.  We own a small coffee shop in NC and he is a chemist by day home beer brewer at night so we are always on the go. Having a baby is out next big adventure and I'm happy to have you girls along for the ride!   Xoox
Hey Lady! On having a home birth and explaining to to people just tell them that Mary had Jesus in a barn...at least you will have your baby inside.  lol  Good luck be brave and don't listen to negative feed back I think it is awesome what you are doing :)
Yesterday I had a phone call, and thought ohh I can do this with one hand. So I started sanding the base boards in the nursery. They are painted with oil based paint and I want to prime then paint them with a fresh coat. I did have an open window, and was only using a small little piece of sandpaper, but for some reason I was not wearing a mask. I feel like an idiot. I am 5 months along. And this is our first. Our home is old but we don't think the part I was sanding was...
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