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City of God, Roots and Schindler's List!
Thank you! I am really enjoying the forums.
Thank you, everyone! Definitely makes me feel better about our decisions. We try to do everything naturally and take care of any ailments at home, so doctors really are only needed in rare cases. I am still considering calling the ped's office back. Modern medicine just kinda makes me nervous to be honest.
Interesting take on my questions. Our midwife did weekly check-ups for six weeks post-partum and is available at any time for questions. I have reason to assume my child is just fine because we live with a nurse who is also available when we have questions, which we rarely do. Yes, we are first time parents, but that doesn't mean we are ill equip. That being said (and there was no reason to have to defend myself or my parenting choices) we will continue to search the...
Hello! Today something weird happened. The doctor's office that we put down at the hospital (was going to have a home birth but baby's heart rate dropped too low so our midwife suggested the hospital just to be safe) that would be our daughter's primary physician (just in case) called because we haven't taken her to the doctor yet. She's 4.5 months old, in good health, and there is absolutely no reason to take her, especially since we will not be getting her vaccinated....
Hi! My midwife, Kim Woodard, studied under Linda Healey. She was absolutely amazing. Here is her number =) (269) 420-0649. She is a wealth of knowledge and is based in Battle Creek. My doula was also wonderful! Her name is Erika Gothberg and her number is (269) 589-8834.
My name is Heather. I am so pleased to have found this wonderful resource through naturalchild.org! I am a new mama and have a great partner. We are co-sleeping, crunchy, Earth loving people who have been known to hug a few trees from time to time Just wanted to take a few moments to say hello. =)
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