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One thing I know is you should NEVER pull on the cord. That happened to my mom when a standby Dr was delivering and trying to hurry the placenta out by pulling the cord. The regular Dr came in and was furious with the standby. I think the standby had pulled so hard he actually ripped the cord. As for insisting you stay laying down, that is something I believe women should fight to change. Many problems arise due to this position. PS I had a small cervical lip with all...
Mathew born October 31, 8.2 lb and 52 cm. I'm not sure what that is in inches. Ps I love this thread.
Yes I check on mine too.
So sorry about all that and with 1st baby too. Almost sounds like she didn't take you seriously because it was your first. As far as lawsuits go, I will leave that for someone else to answer.
Great birth story and nicely written too. I'm glad it went so well for you.
Thanks ABK I will look into it. I was thinking a couple gentle crunches and other zero impact exercise, maybe stretches and stuff. I won't overdo anything I'll just have to avoid the mirror a little and enjoy my baby more. They are this small for such a short time. I can't stop admiring Mathew.
same here.I so want to lose my baby fat. Maybe I'm a bit paranoid about it but it just gets my mood a little down when I see it in the mirror. Its been just under a week since baby came but I think I'll start a mini workout tomorrow.
I still feel like a beat up boxing bag. I can't wait till all the aches disappear. It's only been since OCt 31 though since I had Mathew.
I enjoyed intimacy with hubby while pregnant with my first two girls but with my most recent 3rd pregnancy I had no interest. I don't know if it being a baby boy had anything to do with it but now just two days post delivery I am looking foreword to the time when I will feel well enough to get intimate again.
I had Mathew on October 31 at 6:05 am. During the evening and night I didn't even know I was having real contractions, I thought they were only Braxton contractions becaus they didnt regular and the tightening wasn't really in my back but more in my lower abdomen with big pressure down below. My water broke in bed with a pop when I decided I should go get some sleep and from the time it broke till Mathew was born it took only an amazing 2 hours. This time hubby couldn't...
New Posts  All Forums: