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Thank you all so very much for responses, it helps a lot.
Milk may drop for many reasons. Think of anything that will redistribute the "energy" from making milk to more survival for the body needs. Like around periods (even if you're not menstruating); physical illness, even miner, body will priorities to "fix" the problem.    Any supplements or dietary changes, (when I eat unusual foods my body like"What was that?I need an extra minute.:) I learned for me works for quick milk production food that my body is most familiar...
I decided to solidly breastfeed my daughter until she is one year old. She is 10 month now. She likes to squash baked zucchini and suck on steamed celery, taste a salty foods, but she does not really ate anything yet except breast milk. I feel like it's time to introduce solids. Have I've been waiting to long?    I started to read "Super Baby Food" by Ruth Yaron, recommended in "Well Adjusted Baby"- the book I love, and I feel little sabotaged. By the "Super Baby...
New Posts  All Forums: