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I plan to use mostly cloth with this babe, but like to keep some disposables around too. As long as they don't have chlorine, does it matter which brand I get? I had no idea there were so many choices! Which ones do you recommend?
The light switched on this morning. I have Carpal Tunnel and it is frightening me.
Thanks for checking on me. I think the movement issue is ok, the swelling goes down significantly on nights I don't have to work, but I'm still waking up a couple times a night because my arms/hands have fallen asleep and are tingling badly from me sleeping on the arteries, I think. You know those pressure points they tell you to push in First Aid if you are bleeding heavily? I'm pretty sure I'm sleeping on those because it's awfully painful when it wakes me up. And my...
At what point does fetal movement decrease? It seems like baby girl used to be in constant motion, but now I have to think about when the last time I felt her move was. She still moves, but not nearly as frequently. The other day i took ibuprofen, which i read is a huge no No in the third trimester, so that is adding to my Anxiety. I'm 34 weeks. Also, my hands and feet are incredibly swollen. To the point where they hurt, and I can't make a tight fist. They say its not a...
Are the inserts microfiber, or hemp/cotton? Sent you a pm!
It's been four years since my last child was born, and I didn't buy much for him since I had 2 other children born a couple years before, so I've been out of the loop for a long time, and everything seems to have changed so much!   What are the best brands or what is everyone getting for: Baby Carriers (I need a new SSC) Cloth Diapers Car Seat Stroller (?)   I'm also thinking about belly binding, but have never done it before. Does anyone plan on doing it? What...
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