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Oh boy could we use this! We have to move away from our Waldorf school and start homeschooling this fall.   I like oak meadow and mothering on FB and these two really hit me:   " Follow interests and weave academics around these interests Drop time limits and let learning happen at its own pace"   These will be key when we start our homeschooling. Thank you!!!
My son has a yeast rash in his  diaper area and my doctor told me to use some athlete's foot cream to get rid of it. I know there is a natural remedy out there... anyone know what it is? Do I need to do anything to his cloth diapers, too? TIA!
Hi there! We moved here to Portland three years ago from Virginia just for our children to attend the Portland Waldorf school.We toured both Cedarwood and the Micha-el schools as well. I would love to help you out however I can. I don't really come on these boards that much anymore but please feel free to e-mail me at :farmergopi@yahoo.com. It is soamazing out here -  much worth the move!!
The alphabet cards are from eeboo and the canopy silk was from a seller on E-Bay. I can't find them on there anymore, though :( Sorry!
So it appears that my almost 3 year old may have mumps and now my 5 1/2 year old has symptoms, too. I am hoping to avoid it in my new 3 week old baby. Everything I can find on mumps online makes it appear pretty harmless so I am not worried about it but I am wondering if there is anything I should do for them? Any natural remedies, etc? Any good advice for dealing with a wicked MIL who will say 'told you so' b/c we don't vax. grrr.... TIA!
 I need to learn from you ladies. We live in a very expensive area (portland, or) and I struggle to feed our family of 4 (soon to be 5) on $100 a week. I would like to cut back even  more and need to learn how. We are vegetarians so no meat,egg or milk expense but the veg food seems just as expensive to me as meat food. We make everything at home, including our bread, ect. We don't eat any processed grains - just whole wheat, brown rice ect, no snack foods bought and my...
Wow, I can't believe it is coming to this but we just can't afford to live here anymore. We have only been here a year but the mortgage, taxes and bills are so high it seems like these are our only options. We can't make it and are struggling just to try and make it each day.  This house is literally falling apart around us and we can't even afford to fix it up at all,let alone pay the heat bill to survive in this freezing cold weather (which scares me to death with a...
We are doing great with this. Struggling to get by does kind of help though :p My oldest is getting a poncho I knit her (yarn thanks to a RAK) and the 3 figures I mentioned earlier in the thread that we bought awhile ago and put away, then my youngest is getting a new gnomie hat I knit her (yarn again thanks to a RAK) and a koala bear I am knitting her as well. That's it!    
I just made these paper evergreen trees for decoratations around our home but they would make sweet gifts too: http://www.frontierdreams.blogspot.com
We have 4 cat of various ages all with their claws and they have pretty much already destroyed our couch by using it as a scratching post. We always stop them when we see them doing it but we are not always home and the couch looks horrible now. :( I am hoping to get a slip cover for it but not until we get them to stop. Help please!
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