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requested!  initials EHY
 I totally understand the dread of 'finding' things.  At our last U/S they told us my placenta was over the cervix so I have to have another U/S in a few weeks to make sure it is moving "up" and away from it or we may be looking at a c-section.  As for the measurements, I measured 2 weeks "ahead" of our due date last week.  I freaked out for a few minutes but then looked up possible reasoning and placenta previa is one, among other things (like this being my third baby)...
thanks for posting this thread! 
I feel like I am constantly eating!  WHAT I put in my mouth is the key.  I seem to be hungry every 2 hours, like starving hungry.  I eat the most for lunch by pattern and can go a little longer in the afternoon, maybe 3-3.5 hrs before having to eating again.  
So glad to hear you are feeling better @Triniity !  Take care of yourself first and foremost - you are the most important person to your baby.  
Last night I dreamed that I gave birth to the baby and he already had all his teeth!  Not baby teeth either, like crazy snaggly teeth!
well, being home a few days away from people feeding me constantly has gotten me a grip back on reality.  Up 5 pounds only now.
I think that is a great idea.  I am going to do it also! 
Just looking at it all at once seems like a LOT of food to me.  I do like how simple it is!
Has anyone heard of the Brewer Pregnancy Diet "plan"?  It is like an established set of guidelines for pregnant women.     http://www.drbrewerpregnancydiet.com/id96.html   Seems like a pretty fair guideline, just wondered what you all thought of it if you had experience.  
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