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Finally found out how to join the group, didn't find the button in the mobile version. We're expecting in mid- December and this will be #2!
Thanks! I 'll look into it.
My toddler loves splashing with water wherever she can, so I prefer to offer her water in closed cups. But today she bit off a piece of the plastic straw! I'm so glad she didn't swallow it, but would prefer to not take the risk again. So here's my question: What to use instead? My pregnancy mind would love to avoid as much plastic as possible. We have the klean kanteen sippy cup, but it's pretty heavy. What do you use?
Jumping in... When I was pregnant the guy who kept on coming to repair our washing machine (it took forever) told me on every single visit how sorry he was that we'd be having a girl. I assured him again and again that we were very happy about her, but somehow he didn't get it. I felt so sorry for any female babies in his family!!
My midwife actually told me she quit nursing after 18 months, since her daughter kept biting and her nipples were bleeding. Left me scared until the teeth came and I realized SHE must have done something wrong. She also told me nursing while lying down prevents hanging boobs - I wish :-D
My baby was breech. At your point, I'd practice relaxation and talking to your baby about turning being a clever thing to do, but that you're confident he/she will do it when he/she's ready. You still have a lot of time.
I recently discovered "Raising your spirited child". The stories in this book sound a little like your's, it might help you a bit. It definitely helped me understanding my never-stopping kid.
What I find difficult about the pictures is that it portrays both as equal, valid choices ... and they're just not!
Thanks a lot! I'll look into it.
I feel that I'm not reacting as mature as I'd like to and that I'm not a great example in dealing with my emotions. Sometimes whipping the floor for what feels like the 100s time in a day really freaks me out. What books helped you become the calm and patient parent you want to be?
New Posts  All Forums: