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I'm sorry you had that experience! I think Jess gave you some good ideas already. I wouldn't be super concerned about a few of the things you mentioned, like her introducing herself and asking how many weeks you are, but I would be upset that she was so dismissive of your concerns. She should be willing to discuss something with you if it's what you're asking about, even if she might not think it's super important to address yet. I did want to add that during my first...
I don't think I really get to slow down in the sense of doing any less, although I am getting slower as I move around, and not being able to pick up my three-year-old as much. But since I'm a stay-at-home mom, I don't really get to reduce any of my workload or responsibilities. I will probably still be going out to do things with her and other family activities/church/appointments, etc. up until birth.
I am in the process of transferring to a different care provider, for the second time. It's been very disappointing and frustrating. At about 19 weeks, I switched to the freestanding birth center where my daughter was born. I love the birth center and the midwives and I was super excited to be with them again. Then we just found out that my insurance won't cover the facility fee for the birth center, which is $1600. We can't afford that, so I had to look for care...
I threw up once during labor. It was fairly soon after arriving at the birth center, so as labor was getting to be more intense. It was kind of random. All of a sudden I felt like I needed to throw up, I mentioned it to the midwife and she grabbed a trash can or something for me to use, and then I felt fine and never felt any more nausea or anything. She said it's totally normal and a good sign that labor is progressing. A while later I got in the tub and had an amazing...
I feel similar. This is my second baby (my first will be 3 1/2). No one has mentioned anything about a shower. Maybe it's because they assume I don't "need" anything, especially since this baby is another girl? There isn't actually a lot that I need, but there are some things that it would be helpful to get at a shower. Money is tight and I don't think I've actually bought anything new for this baby, everything is what I can borrow or find at thrift stores and such. But...
The Thirsties duo wraps are my favorite covers. I think you can get some kind of insert that goes with them, but I just used them with prefolds or flats. I really like the sizing and the double gussets.
Ugh . . . was there a "feeling cute" stage? I feel like I went straight from looking possibly pregnant but maybe just chubby, to feeling huge, unattractive, and uncomfortable. Any chance at a cute stage was probably hidden under winter sweaters.
little vent here: I'm getting annoyed that a bunch of my maternity tops area already too short, and a few other things are too tight now. I have almost three months to go, I shouldn't be having to worry about not having clothes that fit yet! Anyone else?
Does anyone know if taking antibiotics during pregnancy (for other infections) has any affect on later GBS status? I took antibiotics at around 22-23 weeks with my first pregnancy, and was negative later on for GBS, and now at 25 weeks I'm on antibiotics for a UTI. It made me wonder whether there's any effect.
I think it's just called nylon athletic mesh. I think the first time I bought some a few years ago, I found it at joann or hancock fabrics, but then I wasn't able to find it anymore. Since then I've gotten it at fabric.com. I try to get something that doesn't have a lot of stretch or very big holes.
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