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~It is not ok to call me names or demean me with your cruel words ~It is not ok to push me,grab me,squeeze my throat or prevent me from getting away from you *this is my body,respect that* ~It is not ok to manipulate my thoughts to make me think it is my fault you did these things to me ~It is not ok to say that because i said something inappropriate that that gives you the right to do these things to me ~IT is not ok to tell others that i am the...
Scam,the checks are previously cashed and retyped over so you can't tell until your bank figures it out and you are stuck paying back the entire balance.
If you were in real labor the contractions would continue no matter what your position.Vomiting is a sign of transition but not the onset of labor.I'm thinking you stressed some abdominal muscles while you were sick.
If a mod moves this to Parents as parents please understand i need advice now and everytime i post there i get few to no responses. It looks like my kids dad/my seperated husband has a strong possibility of going to jail for at least a year.We have 4 children all under 8 and i am pregnant as well.I am a SAHM mom with no income except some SSI for my disabled dd.What rights do i get as the wife to someone in jail?Are my only options welfare?Which will not be enough to...
I have a large family,2 adults and 4 kids.We were paying $25 per person which is her reduced rate for poorer families.Two of my kids went once a month and one kid went once a week,according to need also if they got sick etc.It is beyond worth it but it got to the point that we could not afford it period!So i found someone who does family plans.We pay $290 for a month and can go up to 4 times a week,all of us.This is saving us $400-500 a month.I would ask around for someone...
Oh and i should elaborate that we were living in a brand new 5 bedroom custom home and it had every amenity known to man and was spectacular.But even though i have 4 children and we run a home biz only 2 of those rooms were ever used and the others sat empty the whole time we were there.So moving into a smaller 3 bedroom was so much nicer in many ways!
I would totally do it,not just for the smallness which is less cleaning but for the acre with no black flies(eww) and the better kitchen which is where we spend a lot time!It sounds like a nicer home money wise and really bigger is not better!
Thanks!Our CSA would be $55 a week which is a box to feed 4-5 adults and then additional fruit.It comes with an organic bouquet of flowers as well and when possible fresh eggs.The farm usually does not deliver to my area but goes 10 minutes from our house so i talked them into coming to my home.I have to pay a bit more for gas.She said they pay their drivers $18/hr and now that gas here is $3.50 a gallon they are having major issues.So hopefully after the trial run she...
I'm just curious if it is more worth it to get a weekly shipment of whatever is in season through the CSA or to just hit the Farmers Market every week for whatever we need.The idea of getting a box full of organic goods is very tempting,but getting a bunch of things i have never used or eaten could be a challenge
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