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Dd just bought her senior prom dress for $130. So I paid for it. We had said we'd chip in, but hadn't said an amount, but that was at the upper of what we were going to pay. She paid for her own ticket, and will probably pay for her own shoes. I will pay for hair if she wants it done. There is no way she was going to have a $400+ dress bought for her.
Mine used to match, but thanks to kids they no longer do, and it really bugs me. I had to buy non matching replacements as I can't justify $24 a spoon (OP, maybe we have the same pattern, we should talk lol). But this year I'm planning on getting all matching again. Maybe 2 dozen place settings, for four of us! That should cover me until the kids move out.
I remember you! It's nice to "see" you.
New cars have warranty. New cars don't have other people's cooties (who knows what's been wiped on and in the seats and upholstery). New cars you know what you are getting. We have bought both new and used, and every used car, be it 10 years old or 2 years old, has had problems. One used vehicle we financed cost more in repairs every year than in payments. I buy new and drive it minimum 10 years, or until it starts costing in repairs. Why buy someone else's crap? ...
Kobo doesn't delete. You own the book you buy, rather than have a license for it like the kindle.
I was here before the crash, joined the first day I possibly could when the boards came back up after the crash. I'm old.
Did you find any?
Bumping for you. Did you ever get your sitter?
Nightweaning way younger than MDC would suggest, both my kids (even the one I WOH with) continued nursing just fine the rest of the time, AND they had a mom who could function, and function well.
DDDDC crashing. Congratulations!
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