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I night weaned pretty early for MDC, still nursed for years. But I need my sleep. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture that, iirc, the Geneva Convention banned. So why is it allowed for moms? I vote for nightweaning. I know it made me a much better daytime mom and person to have a decent amount of sleep. And 7-8 hours a myth? I easily need 9 or so, or my health suffers. I can go for a couple of days on less, but then everyone starts to pay.
It doesn't read to me like the OP is fishing for money. It read to me that lawyer cousin was suggesting they make nice with older relatives so older relatives will remember them financially.
That's great to hear!
Buy locally. Don't consider the price difference as the new loom being more expensive locally. Consider it rent for the loom you've had for the past year!
So if I'm imagining this right, your dd rides her scooter down a driveway, across the street and up someone else's driveway, sidewalk to sidewalk? If that's right, I can see why she's yelling. Most kids are taught to stop at the edge of the road and look before crossing. However, that doesn't excuse the yelling, especially if, as you say, your dd won't do it if there are cars anywhere near. I agree with the PPs, you need to talk to the woman again.
Are you, an American, really trying to teach me, an Irish person, about Ireland, ti's colours, its politics, etc.? For real?
St. Patrick's Day is not a much bigger deal in the US. It's just as big a deal in Ireland (it's a national holiday). We just don't go over the top, begosh and begorra, stupid green hats, green beer, green rivers like the Americans do.And green is not the colour of the IRA. The IRA doesn't have a colour. Green is the national colour of Ireland.
I wouldn't let them, but I wouldn't necessarily be offended. Orangemen are Northerin Irish Protestants who do all the marching in July through Catholic areas of Belfast/Northern Ireland to celebrate (if your them) or rub it in (if you're Catholic) that William of Orange won the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, which was the real start of the troubles in the north.
Hey! Welcome back!
I can see the Dutch comment now, having seen the hat.
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