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I often say "you clean up well", but always as a prelude to them looking nice. I tend to say it to people I don't see dressed up at all - climbing friends, for instance. I don't think people take offense. At an old job, my boss was leaving, and we were chatting. I said to him "you're not the worst". Which in Ireland is a pretty decent compliment! He started to take offense, I explained. He went and found the other Irish person to confirm it wasn't an insult. He got...
We go next Thursday.
I'm 43. Have really dark brown, almost black hair, with about 6 grey ones. A 30something guy we know, on finding out it's my natural colour "I thought all women your age dyed their hair". My age? MY AGE? He did realize what he said, but trying to fix it didn't help lol.
They ultrasounded, xrayed and cat scanned, and came up with a dominant follicle, no cysts. I knew it was 14ish days, but we're up to 26 now. I'm not worried about the late period, I'm worried about a misdiagnosis.
How long is normal from ovulation to period in a non pregnant person? 3.5 weeks ago we were in the ER with dd1 and abdominal pain, that was diagnosed as a dominate follicle, which is basically ovulation pain. No period. And definitely not pregnant.
I take it all off, and I don't tip.
Is it the organizers' first trip? I don't envy them dealing with a bunch of boys hyped up on that stuff!
Wait! I'm A. I actually spent $86, or whatever 2 tickets plus the tolls cost. I wasn't including my ticket, I didn't think it was relevant. And there was an agreement to split gas, I didn't think I needed to mention that, and we were in my van. B is fine with the division of money. He's not expecting $5 from me. I was concerned that I owed HIM money. Seems not. We drove 6 hours from Toronto to Cedar Point, Ohio with my dd and her friend (and he was still happy to...
A and B make plans to go out, not a date even remotely. A buys the needed tickets with the understanding that B pays A back. They take A's car, but B pays for the gas ($105), and A pays parking/tolls ($15). So A has spent $46, B has spent $105. But B owes A $40 for the ticket. One person says that B actually only spent $65 ($105 less the cost of the ticket) and that A spent $55 (parking/tolls/ticket for B) so that they are close enough to even that no one owes...
Would it be possible to paint, say, the bottom 10 feet of the walls yourselves, and leave the top half white? Put some sort of moulding at the join? Or would that look awful?
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