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Never. But in the running to the bathroom naked way, not parading around way. My girls are prudes - we were camping, I had to go to the camp office. I was wearing underwear and a really long t-shirt. I wasn't allowed go until I put on shorts. The shorts were shorter than the t-shirt, so I looked no different. But the girls cared.
Dd1 just got her third letter in a couple of years, for her 14-16 booster. She is fully vaxed other than that, but she has an issue with eggs we are working on. Our form (Ontario) does say schools must have proof of immunization, but right under it says "If this student needs an exemption for medical, religious or conscience reasons, call the Immunization Team". I do need to fill out an exemption form though, which I keep forgetting about. After that, we're all good.
In Ireland, growing up and now, at the end of a school year, you get handed a list of text books you need to purchase for the following year. The only things supplied were certain thingsin high school (ie, you don't buy your own easel, sewing machine or bunsen burner). Everything else, you supply. And yes, I'm dating myself with my examples!
Last year was the first year dd2 got a list, and it was a new school. Her old one, where dd1 also went, never gave out lists. You showed up day 1 with a backpack, snack, and that was it. I don't think I even started sending pencils until grade one. And that's Ontario Catholic too.
Check with a lawyer. Your ils might have 2 sets of land transfer tax to pay, selling two houses (but if you don't have land transfer tax, ignore me). Could you, when over there, make a point of saying things like "I won't have time to do the flower beds when we live here" or "I'll change that when we live here" kind of thing, to see how she reacts? If she gets up in arms now, when it's hypothetical, I wouldn't want to see her when it's real.
I know quite a number of teachers. The only one I have ever heard of doing courses in the summer was doing those courses to drop teaching and be a principal. Every other teacher takes the time off. And none of them have or need Masters.
60,000.00 CAD = 60,596.88 USD75,000.00 CAD = 75,746.10 USD
Outnumbered again!
About every other week I get a call or e-mail from dh saying he had a big lunch, and he won't want dinner, ie, he was taken out by a client. They are often last minute, but that's fine. Anything else he, and therefore I, get a lot of notice, days at least. He may have to travel the end of this month, but we got the headsup weeks ago. Admittedly, it's not confirmed yet, but we know. He stays late at work when needed, but once he's home, he's home, no calls, and he can...
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