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Complete surprise!!!  I was about 4 months postpartum when I conceived. So I was still in my Im too tired to do the dirty much. Ofcourse we were a little bit careful when we would do it. Mostly I was relying on breastfeeding and lack of a menstrual cycle for conception.  I believe my kids chose me as their mommy and I cant wait to see this new little sprite lined up to join our family 
I would love to be part of this!
Hi All  I'm Brie. This is my 4th pregnancy/baby. Was a total surprise as number 3 is just 6 months old. We are so excited!! A girl would be nice to even things out but we wont be finding out until birth. OK I may change my mind but for now thats my view on it. Congrats Mamas 
Hi I am due April 21 with number 4  
Hello  I am so happy to have found this site! Definitely very like minded. I am a pregnant(due April) mom of 3 wonderful little sprites.  We recently started homeschooling at the same time I'm going back to school. My plan after that is to move to a more nature-y place with lots of land and 'fresh' air.  My family strives to live as naturally as possible but I feel its an ongoing learning process. I look forward to being part of this community with you all 
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