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Hmmm. debateable, as manufacturing disposable nappies consumes as much water as washing a cloth nappy 300 times!  So it's unlikely that the overall , using disposables would save water. EC'ing at every opportunity is the best option IMO
I'd just like to add that the new Soluble Lanolin is solid lanolin but ready to use, and is the absolutely simplest way to lanolise. I guess it wasn't available when the blog was written, but well worth trying. It comes in sachets, and you just add a sachet to warm water to make your solution. It's also ver economical, as you use the right amount every time, so there's no waste. It's as simple as using fabric conditioner.
Yes. It's new, but dramatically easier than lanolising any other way, very economical, and can be bought in ready measured dose sachets, or in bottles with a measuring syringe. Try ebay;)
Wool works over any nappy although prefolds are tricky as the wool is too stretchy to hold in place. I find bamboo is best underneath wool, and MF the least effective. Natiral fibres seem to work best. Most wool covers come pre-lanolised when bought new (although Disanan ones aren't) , but will need re-treating every so often. But treating with soluble lanolin  instead of solid lanolin is really easy. You just add some soluble lanolin to warm water and leave to soak -...
i haven't come across it, but I would check what else it contains. Solid lanolin is best for lanolising wool nappy covers, as it's not just softness you want, but the anti-bacterial and waterproofing properties. Liquid lanolin has most of the waterproofing qualities removed as it is lanolin with all the solid fats removed. So it will soften but not waterproof. So check whether the lanolin oil in it is just that, or if it really is complete lanolin, with the solid fats...
You need to use yarn which is at least 80% wool or alpaca, and preferably 100%. It also needs to be hand wash only, as wool that's been treated to be machine washable has all the lanolin stripped out of it, and won't accept more. My favourites are Artesano100% alpaca, Artesano Nebula (alpaca, merino and worsted mix) and Twilleys Freedom Spirit. Also Cascade 220 sport
Cold rinse, 60degree wash, I use ecoegg with a scoop of oxygen bleach, but breast fed poo stains cab take 2-3 washes to come out, or hang them near a window inside helps as well, if you can't get them out in the sun.
Just lanolizing makes wool a lot softer. But if that doesn't make them soft enough I don't think there's much you can do about it. I think if wool is itchy quality, it's itchy quality. Otherwise, if you knit or know someone who does, hand knit or crochet your own, using soft quality wool or alpaca.
Wool is very easy to care for, as you only need to wash it about once every 6 weeks. I find it less labour intensive than washing and drying PUL covers every day. To hand wash all you do is soak the wool in the washing solution, and then gently squeeze it through and rinse, roll it in a towel to remove most of the water, and lay it flat on the boiler to dry. Re-lanilizing is as easy as using a fabric conditioner it you use soluble lanolin,. The only difference is you need...
If it is the wrap that's causing the problem, have you thought of trying a wool nappy cover instead of PUL? It's so much gentler, and never leaves any marks. You could also use terry squares instead of fitted elasticated nappies. I actually love terry squares, especially bamboo ones - better than anything else - they wash superbly, dry quickly, and you always get a good fit, and contrary to popular belief, once you've done a few, they are simple to fold and put on.
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