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I just use 2 bamboo nappies and a wool cover. Preference is 2 bamboo squares, folded together. But wool nappy covers instead of PUL make a huge difference.
That's for lanolising. You can get soluble lanolin on ebay and Etsy, and with that, you just add a tiny bit to the washing water, using a delicate washing detergent or wool wash, and it makes a lanolising wool wash. Or you can use it for a full lanolising treatment. I think you'd have a problem trying to rub lanolin direct, as it is incredibly sticky stuff LOL :)
Yes, felted upcycled wool is great, and I think hand knitted ones always work better than the commercially made ones. Lots of WAHMS make them, and they are far superior to the machine knitted commercial ones
I have a free nappy advisory service www.thenappyline.co.uk, and a nappy library. I fund them by making and selling wool nappy covers,soluble lanolin and a few other bits and pieces. I can't afford to pay for advertising, as the service is free, but would love some support from the Mothering community if that's possible.
Make sure you use the right sort of wool if you make your own. It needs to be wool which is NOT treated for machine washing, as it needs to absorb lanolin. Machine washable wool not only has all the natural lanolin stripped out of it, but also it won't absorb lanolin. 
Hi. I'm new here. I'm a specialist baby swimming teacher in UK, and I also knit wool diaper covers. I have 3 children, all of whom were cloth diapered, and I now have 4 grandchildren as well, some in New Zealand and one in UK. I like natural things generally, and hobbies include ski-ing and walking, as well as the garden and especially my organic veggy patch.
So many people ask this, so I thought I'd post this explanation on here as well. I know most people don't even consider wool covers as an option, because they don't understand or believe that they can possible work, but they really do. They are particularly good for addressing the overnight problem, as they allow the nappy underneath to dry a bit between wees, thus increasing total overnight  capacity considerably. What's more, you don't get those horrid red marks which...
Wool is amazing especially for overnight. I've always found that 2 bamboo nappies works better than trying to v=boost one overnight, and with a wool cover, the combo cant be beaten.    I'm a woolly WAHM and so many people have asked me how wool nappy covers  work I thought I'd post this explanation.   Wool is absorbent, but absorbs very slowly. Because of the body heat of your baby, and the warmth of the wool, it also evaporates, and this happens at the same rate as it...
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